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Tristan, 3 - Virginia

Parenting Opps

My wife and I took the kids camping at a nice recreational area for Memorial weekend last year. We were having a great time, the kids were playing on the beach, I was grilling hotdogs for lunch and my wife was catching some rays. Our 3 year old son, Tristan, came over to tell us he had to go to the bathroom for the 5th time that day.  The restrooms were quite a ways away, so my wife said "Just go pee in the water."  He walks into the water, turns back and at the top of his lungs shouts, "Is this a good spot to pee Mom?" My wife turned beet red and said, "Tristan, what are you talking about? Get back over here." He yelled again, "But you told me to pee in the water, so is this spot OK?" I laughed so hard that beer squirted out of my nose.

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