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Nick, 3 - Nebraska

Parenting Opps

Russian is our 1st language, and we speak it in the house.  One day my son, Nick, really wanted to go to the children's museum, but the only person who could take him, his Dad, was feeling under the weather. Nick kept nagging so Dad said, "Nick, the children's museum is closed today."  To which Nick answered, "I know it's open."  In an attempt to prove his point, Dad picked up the phone, pretended to dial the museum and asked the imaginary museum personnel "Hi, can you tell me if the museum is closed today? Oh it is? Thank you."  He said all of this in Russian to make sure Nick would understand. A few days later, Nick turned to Dad and said, "You know Dad, you lied to me." Dad, caught by surprise stared at his son and answered, "What do you mean?" Nick stared right back and asked, "Since when do people at the children's museum speak Russian?"

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