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4 kids - Pennsylvania

Hall of Fame

A mom at school was chatting yesterday about how her neighbors are expecting their first baby.  I laughed thinking what those neighbors don't know.  The day our first was born, what we didn't know perhaps was good for us. It wasn't long before I found myself uttering phrases I never imagined.   My top 10 are:

1. You can't just pee on anyone's car, only pee on our car

2. Pennies don't go in the CD player, it's not a bank

3. No, it's not OK to touch his penis

4.  Don't drink the mustard

5. The computer mouse is not a racecar, give it back

6.  The violin is not a guitar

7. Underwear is not optional, it's necessary

8. "Goodest" is not a word

9. That's not the neighbors sandbox, it's kitty litter

10.  Yes, all the mannequins have boobies, now put her shirt down


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