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Teachers Discover It's More Fun To Hear It On The Playground

A teacher asks a 3rd grade class, "What are the 4 seaons?". A student responds confidently "Salt, Pepper, Ketchup & Mustard." Prior to January of 2010, cute quotes and funny kid stories like this would have remained in the classroom...lost and forgoten.

All that has changed since the launch of HeardonthePlayground.com, the largest collection stories about kids. Now Middle School Teachers, Sunday School teachers, a tot mom or dad, grandparents even daycare workers are sharing their hilarious quotes, funny captions and funny photos nationwide. Now everyone is laughing and having fun.

HeardonthePlayground's (HontheP) recent participation in the annual Michigan Reading and Education conference confirmed that teachers are definitely on board with this unique website. Countless teachers told us "I always wanted to write a book about the cute sayings kids come up with in class, but I never had the time." HontheP is the ideal platform for sharing these witty sayings, it's easy to use and its free.

Almost every teacher who stopped by the booth had a funny kid quotes or short children stories to share. And not one of them left without a smile. The printed t shirts and slogan t shirts were a big hit as well. Now, not only can teachers forever memorialize all the cute quotes they hear all the time, they can wear them as well.

HontheP is looking forward to collaberating more and more with teachers by sponsoring a student question of the day and presenting the site to classes. The possibilities are endless and so are the laughs.