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HontheP: Outburst Laugh

May parents complain that their children make fun of things without any solid reason or they have seen the laughing without any specific reason. This gives an image of mentally unfit children; often socially embarrassing. Laughing out loud with no apparent reason is the true depiction of autistic child. Other behavior includes hitting or slapping, they do not maintain good eye contact or communicating with the outside world. This kind of children laugh can be transferred to other children and can cause embarrassing moments for parents eventually. The diagnoses show that children laugh at no big reason is the lack of self confidence and morally low feelings. These developed due to lack of parent's attention to their habits in the children childhood. That parent who identifies such children's humor problem is lucky enough to handle in such age of information technology.

The internet world has come up with modern techniques of applied behavior analysis. Which gradually help parents in recognizing the proper and improper behavior of kids? The study has positive recovery and results pushing correct behavior among them. It is important to encourage children laugh at nothing for the time being when you saw your children doing it for the first time. If the reason of childers humor for no big apparent reason ignored, the child will learn to use this behavior themselves many times.

Immediate reaction will stimulate wrong reaction. 'Heard on the playground' allow you to analysis the behavioral actions and reactions of kids to be posted on it. Whenever a parent post or write a story of his children laugh without a big reason, the children will see comments about it sooner or later. Parent should encourage children to visit the site and see what the other kids and parents have to say about it. Deal children's humor with brain not with punishments. Learn and pay attention to the words that guide parents in teaching children laugh out loud treatment.

Heard on the Playground has concerns about the behavioral actions. And that it is meant to be. Parents can't be perfect not the children. The website tells you, what should parents stick to? In posting and uploading funny stuff that urges every other single reader to laugh at a very good/logical reason. Becoming a free member of Heard of on the Playground, you and your children laugh will find a reason to be there.

It will make a good sound reason to smile and laugh. Teaches parent have to Change themselves for children. There are various stages of kids growing up at various levels. Ensure children that you are with them and they should share everything with them.

Hilarious kid jokes depict something funny, making people to laugh out loud. Jokes narrating the humorous situation create a funny for the reader. Teens normally like to fun around and they feel like to create something which can be funny and make people laugh.


Laughter makes you feel and live good but when it comes to children laugh at no reason this should be pointed out. The rhythmic expulsion of air from the lungs is recognized as laughter shows the sign of life. Whenever you see a children laugh, means you child is living a healthy life. Make it healthier with the modern age science. Take more advantage of it and become a part of children's humor world.