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What is “Heard on the Playground”?

So you think you’ve heard it all..Not quite. Whether you want a laugh or need to post that hilarious kid story (or funny picture) that made you laugh out loud, this is the place. Just when you think it can’t get funnier it does,and we just can’t help being shocked and awed by their behavior.

If you want to start the day off right, simply need a good laugh or need to share that unbelievable story, we’re here to laugh right along with you.

Do you need to register?

No registration is required. We like to make things as easy and fun as possible since most of our lives are complicated enough.

Is it Anonymous?

It’s 100% anonymous.

Heard on the Playground (HontheP) is more open and safe in an anonymous environment. To further promote security, we screen and approve the posts and pictures prior to putting them on the site. We require users to include their state just to put the story into context and make it more interesting.

Pictures are posted with no identifying characteristics not even the state in order to ensure complete anonymity.

E-mails are never posted on the site and can‘t be viewed by users. We use e-mails to group multiple postings by the same person together in addition to ensuring that posts are made by valid individuals.

Is it free?

Yes, the site is absolutely free, though we won’t say no if you insist on throwing money our way.

What is posted?

Posts range from adorably cute to laugh out loud hysterical to pee your pants funny.

Most posts are about kids ranging in age from 1 to 18. The story or picture could be from just minutes ago or as far off as decades ago. We’ve found that funny is timeless.

Do you have to be a parent to post?

Get real…we know that parents don’t have a monopoly on funny kid stories and pictures. Everyone posts here including teachers, grandparents, friends, neighbors, aunts/uncles, cousins, siblings, babysitters, daycare workers, etc. You’d be surprised what people other than parents overhear kids say.

How are posts approved?

Our sharp team of editors has only 1 criterion, it has to be funny. This can range from heartwarmingly cute to laugh out loud funny to pee your pants hysterical. If you think is humorous post it because chances are you’ll make someone’s day.

Why isn’t my post on the site?

We give each post the same consideration, yet we have to make choices from the numerous posts we receive each day. If you don’t see your post chances are it didn’t make the approval process because it was too long or too few people could relate to it. Don’t worry though because we know funny kid moments are numerous and infinite, so go ahead and post another one.

Why is my post slightly different than what I submitted?

We have discovered that behind all great writing is a good editor.

All your fabulous posts are edited, tagged and approved for posting so you get the same exclusive treatment as nationally recognized writers. We always maintain the originality and essence of your posts since you‘re supplying the laughs, we just look to make them easier to read and share thereby increasing their popularity. Trust us, when it’s your post creating waves of laughter as it makes its way across the nation, you’ll be thrilled.

When do posts show up on the site?

Posts generally show up on the site anywhere from 5 minutes after submission to 24 hours.

I have a suggestion, what do I do?

We welcome any suggestions our users and viewers may have. Please e-mail them to HontheP@comcast.net


Have a question, contact us at HontheP@comcast.net or AJSherr@comcast.net