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Teens : 14 - North Carolina

Daughter goes on Facebook, I read her posts without her knowing

Where do you draw the line with privacy?

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I have a 14 year old daughter. In my home, the rule is that if she wants to be active on Facebook, I will have access to her account at all times. I will always know her current password, and she had to accept my friend request. Before we created the account, we had a long talk about what would be acceptable to post and what would not. Kids need to know that what they post is NOT private, and it could affect getting into college, getting a job, etc. My daughter understands and agrees with my decision. Does she always like it? Absolutely not, but at least the rules have been laid out before her, and if she decides to break those rules, her Facebook account will be gone. End of story. Good luck! I know it's not easy, but Facebook is when moms need to be parents - not just "friends" to their kids..